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Magazine for Inspiration Wellbeing Vitality

5,000 copies are distributed quarterly across the Midlands to holistic events, Festivals, libraries, natural health centres, organic cafes, health food stores, alternative shops and therapists.

Tree of Life Magazine is run on a community basis.

Tree of Life Vision:

“The Tree of Life is an inspirational magazine that touches people’s hearts, opens their minds and awakens their spirits. It uplifts people’s vibrations, supports conscious living and radiates with love, light and joy. It is a vibrant channel through which people synchronistically connect with each other and find their inspired next steps.”


The spring issue will be out early Feb 2015 and the advertising deadline for this will be 5 Dec 2014.

If you would like more information or want to place an advert please contact editors:
Joginder & Marketa Bola
T: 0121 449 4086

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