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Why We Run The Tree Of Life
Joginder & Marketa Bola

It’s so true that we can only go so far alone but together we can go much further. I see that on the journey of awakening the desire to connect and meet with other like-minded people becomes a necessity for our continued spiritual evolution. An acceleration of our growth happens as we connect with each other and we’re able to move through challenges which we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to cross. There is an energetic transmission in these gatherings which can only be experienced when we gather in this sacred way.

It’s been a joy to experience so much inspiration and upliftment from so many wonderful speakers and musicians coming to share at the Tree of Life over the years. People have told us that some of the talks and workshops they have attended have been truly life-changing experiences for them and real turning points in their lives. They say that when you spend time in the presence of a great teacher, your own vibration and light increases from having done so. It’s the food for the soul that’s needed as much as the body need physical food.

A friend of mine asked me last year one of the most powerful questions I have ever been asked –Why do you do what you do? Why do you do the Tree of Life?

This question really made me think deeply. It took me back to the vision statement for my life which I wrote over 15 years ago:

“Radiating unconditional love, boundless energy and a fun of life, we are co-creating a magical inspirational world where we can all see how truly wonderful we are and where our beautiful spirits can shine like the brightest stars – at one with the universe, celebrating our incredible magnificence and the amazing wonder of creation.”

 That vision statement has guided me to find my true love Markéta and wonderful spiritual friends. It has also lead me to work that deeply fulfils my soul, touches the lives of many people and makes a difference in the world. I could see how the Tree of Life is the manifestation of this vision.

When I started on my spiritual journey in Birmingham many years ago there was no place where I could meet and connect with other like-minded people. I didn’t know any others on the same path as me in my existing circles of family and friends. I felt quite isolated and alone. And it was easy to fall off the path under the influence of people around me who just didn’t understand.

I knew there must be many other spiritual people in Birmingham and I longed to meet them. But there was no existing channel through which we could find each other and connect at the time. There was no gathering space for the spiritual community in the Midlands. I have since discovered that there were many other people feeling the same way as me.

As Gandhi famously said “Be the change you want to see in the world’, and that is what happened. Me and Markéta started running the Tree of Life Events 7 years ago in answer to the longing of many people, including ourselves, for these gatherings to begin here. The vision statement we wrote for Tree of Life Magazine then was: ‘The Tree of Life is an inspirational magazine that touches people’s hearts, opens their minds and awakens their spirits. It uplifts people’s vibrations, supports conscious living and radiates with love, light and joy. It is a vibrant channel through which people synchronistically connect with each other and find their inspired next steps.’

Magical things have happened over the years. People have made life-long friends with who they met at the Tree of Life Events, people who they would otherwise never have met but for those gatherings. It’s also been a supportive environment in which many have birthed their dreams of starting their own holistic business.

The other reason why we started running the Tree of Life Events was because we longed to have the UK’s and World’s most inspirational and transformational teachers come and share their wisdom in Birmingham. Everything was happening in London at the time and we wanted those speakers to come here and reach the people in the Midlands. To people who could not have travelled to London and to people who were not yet aware of them but would love to see them if only they knew about the amazing work they were doing.

The reason why you do something is fundamental, it’s the ground on which you stand. It’s the power from which you find strength and direction. It’s a guiding light in all the actions you take. It’s the underlying energy and vibration which then goes into everything you do. And it’s that vibration which will then attract to it the people who resonate with what you’re doing.

The ‘why’ we began with 7 years ago still brightly leads us today as with hold the energy for the spiritual gatherings here and invite the speakers each year to come to Birmingham.