The Satori Weekend

Authentic Passionate Awakening

Are you ready for a breakthrough, a quantum shift in your personal development?

We welcome you to a pioneering and extraordinary weekend. Harnessing the tidal wave of evolutionary energy – your innate instinct to grow, develop and expand – and using insights from the latest significant breakthroughs in neuroscience and psychology – polyvagal theory, gut ecology and psychoneuroimmunology – this weekend will take you through transformational sequence of exercises and concepts.

Our Satori model of human development will dramatically empower you to re-envision your life and how you experience it. You will be guided through insights and shifts in these four evolutionary and survival states:

Petrified – Aroused – Safe – Satori

Each of these states needs to be felt, named, owned, managed and transcended.

And what is Satori? It is the Japanese Zen word for sudden enlightenment – a state of flow and expanded consciousness that transforms our whole perception and cognition of everything. It is bigger than all our daily noise and personal concerns. It is cosmic and it is also in the tiniest particle of being. It is a space of wisdom, compassion and mystery.

Our work this weekend will be to awaken and deepen Satori so that it is not just a ‘sudden’ experience but one that endures and flows through the whole of your life:

  • Identify and heal unconscious survival patterns
  • Reframe your relationship habits
  • Liberate your hidden self
  • Reinforce your life of integrity and fulfilment
  • Audit your spectrum: Petrified – Aroused – Safe – Satori
  • Boost your energy with the vitality of the life force

Led by two of Britain’s most experienced facilitators you will be soothed, encouraged and emboldened. Whatever your current experience of life is now, it will improve. Feeling good already? Then you will feel even better.

The Satori Weekend is not designed to transform you into somebody you are not. It is about waking up and understanding who you really are. Becoming your true and authentic self is revolutionary and necessary.

This weekend is not a series of lectures. It is experiential, including guided exercises, conversations in pairs and small groups. The sessions will be challenging, exciting, spontaneous and fun. The mood will be open, sensitive, supportive and warm.

You will experience for yourself how to access your own personal insights, solutions and next steps. The outcome which you yourself create, is a clear roadmap for personal empowerment and self-awareness.

The weekend will give you:

  • A deeper understand of who you truly are and what is really important to you
  • Crucial insights from neuroscience, psychology and mindfulness
  • New levels of self-awareness
  • Wellbeing tools that you can use even when exhausted
  • Insights into key relationships in your life and how you can make them more fulfilling
  • Tools to connect you with the fuel, inspiration, wonder and energy of life

The weekend is for anyone interested in personal development and making a difference in the world. Whatever your background, or work, or no work; or your age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, belief system – you are warmly welcomed and included.

Your to facilitators each have inspiring backgrounds:

Joginder Bola – Born into a poor immigrant family in inner-city Birmingham, Joginder worked his way up to achieve an undergraduate degree from University College London and a Masters degree from Cambridge University. He then became a highflying corporate lawyer before realising that life wad about more than money and material success. In 2008 he became a Director of Birmingham’s Tree of Life magazine and the host of many personal development events. At the same time he trained in a variety of holistic approaches to personal growth. He is happily married with two lovely children.

William Bloom – William is one of the UK’s leading teachers in the field of holistic personal development. He is the author of many books including the bestselling The Endorphin Effect and Psychic Protection. He had a highly successful career in London publishing before taking two years retreat in the High Atlas Mountains of southern Morocco. He is a meditation master and founder of the Spiritual Companions Trust. He has a doctorate in social psychology from the London School of Economics and has a passion for motobikes.

Date 6,7 & 8 December 2019

Friday 7pm – 10pm

Saturday 9am – 7pm

Sunday 9am – 7pm

Venue: The Beeches Conference Centre 76 Selly Oak Road, Bournville, Birmingham B30 1LS

Super Early Bird if booked by 11 October: £211

Early Bird if booked by 25 October: £256

Full Price: £276

(Plus 20% discount if you book 2 tickets and 40% discount if you book 3 or more tickets tickets)

Just £50 to book at the Super Early Bird price with the balance payable on the course weekend.

If at the end of the weekend you do not feel you got value from the experience we would be happy to offer you your money back.