Natural Intelligence  – The Hidden Design behind our Evolution

An evening talk with Jeddah Mali

Friday 28 September, 2018, 7.15pm – 9.30pm

St Columba Church, Chantry Rd, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8DJ

Early Bird Tickets £10 each for the first 30 to book/ £15 thereafter


There is an underlying design to life that has remained unexamined in our search for answers, despite being predisposed towards order and harmony. It is beyond cultural, geographical, historical, societal and educational considerations.

It can be tracked, explored and understood by everyone. As such it is the only system in operation that is truly universal. Everything works off this central design of natural intelligence, whether we realise it or not. And it acts as the foundation template and unifying property for all life.

For human beings, it applies to every aspect of life – self-understanding, relationships, health, finances, business – right up to international relations and the ecology of the planet.
When we examine the innate properties we can see that life is predisposed to bring us not only contentment, but also satisfaction, growth and success. It is also designed for peace amongst nations and the health of our planet.

Used as a framework across the human, organisational and societal spectrum, it provides a nutrient-rich medium for the co-creation of new outcomes.
Intelligent Life is a be-think-do platform that trains individuals and organisations in the concept, practice and application of natural intelligence.

They have developed technology to map individuals, organisations and society, in order to help them to understand the hidden design responsible for our outcomes, and with that understanding be able to progress consciously and work towards universally beneficial outcomes.

The vision they bring is to create a world where we live life from a deep understanding of the operating system of humanity, and see practical solutions to implement this knowledge into our own lives, our organisations and scale this into our societies to bring planet-wide benefits.

Their work moves beyond the current approach of using a separate discipline for each issue. They offer a unified framework; an operating system for humans that acts like a stem cell injection, one that recalibrates the whole organism. It changes the entire landscape of our attempts to create workable solutions, and in doing so, gives us the possibility of completely new outcomes for the challenges we face every single day as a species.

This talk and workshop explore the Intelligent Life model that Jeddah Mali has developed to deepen the understanding of how life works, and how that understanding is the key to unlocking your individual potential, and the contribution you make to the world around you.

To lay the foundational understanding for the workshop, Jeddah Mali will deliver a talk on the Model of Life, which covers how life is designed, its nature and its function.

The workshop uses a learn – practice – implement approach to deliver the concept, practice and application of natural intelligence, and foster an integrated transformational learning process.

It includes the Intelligent Life mapping system, which can diagnose your unique stage of conscious evolution.

The map gives you an accurate read on all the elements, known and unknown, which are affecting your outcomes. The map also provides the necessary steps to unlock latent capacity and implement new thinking, understanding, and behaviours.

The map can also be used to reveal how the evolutionary stages of an individual, an  organisation, a society and our global system are interrelated.

About the speaker

Internationally recognised visionary and change agent.

  • Creator of INTELLIGENT LIFE model and mapping system.
  • 20 years mentoring business leaders.
  • Expert facilitator in human learning environments.
  • 30 years of investigative study.
  • Board of HeartMath scientific research company.