Love Your Leadership – seven ways to lead with authentic power and confidence  

Nick Williams

One of the most valuable resources today is inspirational leadership. The capacity to be inspired and inspiring is essential for success today. It is quality that is most likely to engage and draw out the best within you and the people you care for. The ability to be both inspired and inspiring is a key leadership quality.

Why does leading with inspiration matter?

  • Today, following is voluntary, we choose who we follow. We may comply, but we only truly follow and engage with those we find inspiring
  • Motivation can get us do to good work, but only inspiration can willingly draw out the absolute best out of us
  • If its not inspiring leadership, its really either management or command and control
  • Solutions to many big and complex problems can sometimes only be found through inspired thinking, rather than purely rational thinking
  • Inspiration is the cause of pioneering, innovation and evolution
  • Inspiration is the pre-cursor of the creativity that leaders need to draw out of their people today
  • Following your inspiration awakens your dormant and hidden capabilities
  • Many motivational “techniques” are actually demotivating, whereas true inspiration can draw out people’s intrinsic motivation

Leading with inspiration is not about having a position of power, you don’t need to be voted for, anointed or appointed to lead. It is a choice we can all make in any moment. The choice to show up, to not give in to our fears, to be generous, to be creative, to share what is meaningful to us

We can all lead with inspiration in any and every moment we choose to. Yet too few of us have a clear understanding of the anatomy of inspiration and how it works practically in work, business and leadership. Most of us can grasp that inspiration matters and is important to success, but often we don’t actually know how to be inspiring and what ”nutrients” actually foster our inspiration

During this talk, Nick will share the following:

  • How the greatest performances are achieved through inspiration
  • How inspiration differs from motivation
  • Why inspiration is a higher-octane fuel for success than motivation alone is
  • How we can each lead in any moment we choose to – leading our self and each other
  • How leadership is a choice and rather than a position
  • The seven invitations of inspirational leadership
  • Understanding why we experience resistance and are often afraid to lead from inspiration
  • A deeper understanding of the anatomy of inspiration and how it works
  • How inspiration and being inspired is an essential ingredient of success today
  • How inspiration is an evolutionary force that consistently wants us to evolve and blossom

Nick Williams is a best-selling author of 14 books, coach, mentor and keynote speaker on Leading with Inspiration

“I believe that bringing our unique flavour of inspirational leadership in to the world at all levels is one of the most important things we can all be doing today.”

The best-selling author of 14 books, Nick has spent 25 years as a coach, adviser, friend, mentor, spiritual advisor and encourager to leaders and emerging leaders around the world. Leaders in areas as diverse as the media and entertainment, the law, personal and spiritual growth, academia, retail and the NHS seek support and guidance from him. He has been invited to work with a diverse range of business, public, entrepreneurial and spiritual audiences, and for companies as diverse as The Institute of Leadership and Management, The Global Leaders Academy, Just Eat, BT, IKEA, BBC, Yahoo, The Met Police, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Fosters, Mastercard, Deloitte Touche, W H Smith, McKinsey and Merrill Lynch.

He was also at the heart of the Alternatives programme at St James’s in Piccadilly for 21 years. Nick has been invited to deliver over 1,500 talks in seventeen countries so far, and has been invited to participate in over 2,000 media features and interviews in including BBC Breakfast, BBC World Business Report, BBC PM and This Morning on ITV as well an 11– minute documentary on Carte Blanche in South Africa.

“I think you’re a great enabler, you encourage people to believe in themselves to the point at which they believe their dreams are possible. You lead people to a place where they can see the limitations they believed were in place in their lives were nothing more than illusions of their own creation and that the real truth is that there are endless opportunities for a rich and fulfilling life.”Liz Trubridge, the executive producer of Downton Abbey

Friday 9th March 2018, 7.15pm – 9.30pm

St Columba Church

Chantry Rd, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8DJ