Sunday 10 Feb 2019, 10.30am – 5.30pm

Birmingham Buddhist Centre, 11 Park Rd, Moseley, B13 8AB

Are you looking for love, connection, intimacy and relationship?
Are you finding it hard to meet the right person?
Have you tried the Internet, speed dating or the singles scene and felt it
ring a bit hollow? Are you looking for more but not quite sure how to find
It can be tough to make real connections in our fast and busy, big city
lives. Work, pubs, clubs and the dating industry can feel like a market
So where and how do we find and meet each other in a different way?
This exciting event has been specifically designed and developed by coach
and relationship expert, Jan Day (, to provide a very
different kind of experience for people who are looking for love and
We invite you to participate in a wonderful day. In a gender-balanced
group, we will explore how to meet each other more authentically as men and
women. The day has been carefully structured to help this happen with fun
and creative exercises to help you open, relax and build your confidence in
relating. It is a safe, supportive environment and both professionally and
compassionately delivered by Julie Clark, a teacher with Jan Day’s School
of Being (
It is a singles event that includes mind, body, heart and soul, alongside
humor and tenderness. There will be fantastic food (bring and share),
conversation, dancing, laughter and play.
Whether you meet your soul mate or not, it is a great opportunity to enjoy,
and maybe risk, being a little (or a lot!) more intimate and human and
About Julie:

Julie has been meditating, practicing mindfulness in various forms and
undertaking her own personal growth since 2000. She has been designing and
leading courses, workshops and training for the last 15 years in confidence
building, communication skills, mindfulness and the natural world. A
graduate of Jan Day <>’s School of Being, Julie has
assisted Jan in her workshops and trainings over the last three years, and
is a School of Being Teacher. Julie is also a coach and
mindfulness teacher. She loves holding space for people to discover their
own wisdom and in teaching useful skills that anyone can use to live a
healthier more loving and love-filled life, so they can shine!

What people say having worked with Julie:

​”Julie has an amazing ability to gently yet thoroughly hold the space for
me to learn, release and grow. Enabling and empowering me in the moment to
see and release whatever is blocking me. She creates a safe space for me to
explore and contact my inner knowing and guidance. I can’t thank her enough
for her intuitive guidance to my place of healing. She steadily brings me
back to centre.” W.D.

“Julie has a true gift for both bringing strength and softness in equal
measure to any groups or individuals she is working with. I’ve seen her
many times hold space with such grace and presence. She always brings
authenticity, non-judgement and care to everyone she interacts with. It’s
very inspiring!” M.M.

“Julie has a beautiful, empathetic, supportive and nurturing presence.
Warmth, acceptance and compassion shine from deep within her and I am so
very grateful for her inspired wisdom, help and guidance.” S.S.

Testimonials for MWM:
“I really felt how tense the group was at the beginning, and how soft they
became during the day. She invited us to try as many different connections
with different people as possible, which was lovely, and stopped me
limiting myself. It could have been like speed dating but it wasn’t. The
invitation was different. It was just to explore whatever connection you
had with each person. I had some very moving moments with men I wouldn’t
have met otherwise.” *Tania*

“I found the day itself very refreshing. I really liked the one to one work
and the small groups. It was very different to anything that I have done
before. I thoroughly enjoyed it.” *Paul*

“I had a tremendously enjoyable day and learnt a lot about what I want out
of relationships. The day was challenging at times but always interesting,
open-hearted and compelling.” *Tania Ahsan, Editor ‘Kindred Spirit’*

“I felt cared for during the day. I loved the one to one meetings, and the
mixture of choice and chance involved. I thought the cards were great, it
was a discreet way of saying that you’d like to meet again but no-one has
to. I met a woman whom I’m seeing at the moment, and am very happy to have
met her.” *Hardeep*