The Embodied Heart With Dawn Morgan, Shapeshift Dance

February 23rd 2019 Saturday 10am-4pm (please bring lunch to share)

Birmingham Buddhist Centre, 11 Park Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8AB

You are warmly invited to a mini retreat day to nourish and inspire the body mind, heart and soul.
In the morning we will dance through the 5 Rhythms, exploring the heart’s mysteries, fire and vulnerability. (The 5 Rhythms is a movement/dance practice that is inclusive, expressive, holistic wild & wonderful!)
In the afternoon Dawn will guide you into a deeper heart listening with a gentle somatic movement exercise (Somatic here means sensing and moving with the living body) .
There will be time to dance and move, rest, write and to practice speaking and listening from the heart.
At all times you will be supported to explore at your own pace, guided by the wisdom of your own body-heart.

Dawn brings over 20 years experience of studying & working with movement embodiment and is delighted to offer this special day in Birmingham.