Advanced Lovemaking for Men

You are invited to join Joginder and Jahzerah for a focused training in men’s tantra.

In this men’s training, we will coach you through the fundamental, step-by-step practices for authentic tantra.

Numerous books and videos teach certain aspects of tantra, such as how to bypass ejaculation and to become a multi-orgasmic man. While this information may be correct, few men can learn these techniques without the guidance, support and instruction from a skilled teacher, designed for their deepest sexual goals and current stage of practice.

Men’s tantra is a practice, like playing a musical instrument or going to the gym. You will immediately experience some changes, but the full benefit becomes apparent over time with practice and incorporation into your life routines.

The benefits of practising tantra extend far beyond the bedroom and impact how you see yourself and your ability to employ life-energy in all endeavours. Authentic tantra involves a cultivation of vulnerability, ability to deeply relax, and to have total self-awareness during lovemaking, while also expanding the power and vitality of your consciousness.

This training program will show you how to transform the often limited and habitual flow of stimulated genital energy into a profound realisation of deep feeling, openness and fully embodied love-bliss.

We invite you to join us for this authentic tantra training for men.

With love,

Joginder & Jahzerah

P.S. This training is intended for individual men, inclusive of all sexual orientation. No nudity is involved. Each step of the training will be taught as a solo practice to be performed in private. We have paced the program to allow for periods of instruction, followed by time to practice after each session of the course and an opportunity to come back with any questions at the next session.

What is men’s tantra?

We all come to sex with patterns laid down by our biology, upbringing and early sexual experiences. Most men never grow beyond these patterns and just keep seeking the same transient sexual thrills for their entire lives. Even if they find the partner of their dreams and live out their fantasies to the last detail, there is still a lingering sense of unfulfillment at their masculine core.

The truth is: form is inherently unsatisfying to the Masculine. Tantra for Masculine beings is the practice of sourcing your presence in the depth of consciousness itself – the spaciousness of pure awareness – and then evoking the flow of Feminine radiance from that place. Only embodying the unchanging consciousness at the root of all being is satisfying to the Masculine.

Learning to understand the male sexual energy is only the first step in what can be a lifetime of practice, unfolding ever-deeper layers of bliss.

Uniting sexuality and spiritual practice trains your body-mind to a higher level of potency outside the domain of physical intimacy as well. Most men find that when they master their sexual energy, they have more purposefulness in their lives. Sexuality becomes a source of focus rather than distraction.

In this training, we will teach the step-by-step physical, emotional and subtle practices that form the foundation of your tantra practice. We will teach you how to circulate profound and delightful energy within your own body and your partner’s to sustain the flow of love in deep states of physical and spiritual ecstasy during love making. We will also share the spiritual principles that will allow you to continue deepening in divine sexual union for many years.

Level 1 – Foundations of Masculine Tantra


Monday 6 November – Session 1

Monday 20 November – Session 2

Monday 4 December – Session 3

All evenings 7.30pm – 9.30pm


99 Blenheim Road


B13 9UA

For the men who will initiate this journey with us, we are offering discounted booking for £67 instead of £97 this time around only (instalments available, just let us know).

Booking Instructions:

To secure your place, we ask that you please transfer a £30 deposit (or full amount) to the bank details below with the reference of your first name. This deposit is required by 3 November. Then drop us a text message to say that you’re in.

The full payment will be due by 20 November to:

Wise Bank

Jahzerah Sharman

Sort Code: 23-14-70

Acc. No: 31995740

Jahzerah: 07935002436

If you need special payment arrangements, don’t hesitate to speak to us.

Similarly, if you need to clarify any details before you book, please contact us.

Places will be limited to 10 people


We are certain this program will be an incredible experience that will change your life and accelerate your practice. At the same time, we only want participants who are fully engaged and committed to the full program because that makes the strongest container for all the men participating. So we invite you to join us for the first session risk-free: if, after the first session you are not convinced that this training is right for you, we would be happy to offer you a refund, no questions asked.

Joginder has been studying and practicing tantra for 18 years. He completed the 8 level couples tantra training with Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita PhD of Tantra Essence, trained with David Deida (author of The Way of the Superior Man), experienced Quodoushka (Native American Indian tantra) and studied the work of Mantak Chia (author of The Multi-Orgasmic Man). He is passionate about inspiring people to live a divine tantric lifestyle, opening to love and awakening their spirits.

Jahzerah has been studying and teaching Hatha Yoga for 10 years, with an emphasis on breathwork and deep relaxation. He has completed the Mantak Chia Sexual Alchemy & Healing Love training (‘understanding pleasure as a gateway to bliss’). He has become deeply committed to the importance of sexual alignment and integration, working with self acceptance, intimacy and self love to illuminate our connection to the Life itself.