Family Constellations Workshop

with Darshana Elena

Family Constellation is a system found and developed by Bert Hellinger, who had the insight to work on the issues of any person – Relationship, Work, Life Path, Decisions to be made – creating a model, Constellation,where it’s possible to reveal the Energy hindrance and patterns that are acting as obstacles. It’s a strong and deep approach, very transformative. Anything can be seen and exposed through this method.

How does it work?

Although based on the study of LAWS of LIFE and the ORDERS of LOVE, we can say that it works through the Connection with the Intelligence of the Universe, called Morphogenetic Field. The Facilitator is Present to whatsoever is moving energetically into Constellation, and supports the truth of each act to unveil what can be the hindrance to the System.

The result is that the person who is working on his/her issue can find a transformation, an understanding. It’s always immediate, and it works at many levels.


10.30am – 5pm

Saturday 2 May 2020

Moseley Holistic Centre

99 Blenheim Road, Moseley

Birmingham B13 9UA

About Darshana Elena Scola

Darshana… my name has ben given to me by Osho… in 1984. It means Vision Bliss. I am Italian and lived in many places… India my favorite one. I start my Journey on the Spiritual Path when I was only 23 …It has been a Call…I met Osho- Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. I felt it was my LIFE: the Search for the Self, the Truth, and Meditation. I felt something that was not comparable to anything I knew since then, The Presence of Being I like to think that my Life is the Life of a Modern Mystic….And it is so… I had and have a special Life:it has been written on my Astro Chart that I came here to Evolve and to support Other People. It has been simple and at the same time extremely challenging!

Imagine the world 35 years ago… no Internet, no mobile phones, little media, no social media…At that time there was not even the idea could be to work in this field.I dropped my study in Psychology and I went for Counselling, 1989. Really…a Pioneer! Since then I attended to many training and retreats, in Pune, USA, UK Italy. I met special Teachers and Masters (Papaji, Mooji, Eckart Tolle, Adyashanti, Amma, ShivaShakti) I became skilled in working with people. I work with people since 1992, with seminars and individual sessions. I offer individual sessions, seminars, training in Italy and where I am invited. At the moment I’m supporting my project ESSENTIAL TEACHING SCHOOL, a school in Healing Arts and Counselling, certified by an Italian Association, SIAF. I love my work, especially the Field of Inner Child, Primal, Relationship and Family Constellations.

I find it is urgent to heal our Past Wounds and Conditioning, in order to be Free from the Past and able to open to Our True Self Meditation happens in a state of Acceptance and Understanding. I love to support people in their Opening. This is what I found and what I still practice. Accepting my feelings, my emotions,staying in touch with my needs is helping me in going deeper into Silence and Presence. I do feel I’m more whole as a Human Being. This is what I would like everybody could find in Herself-Himself. This is very Precious. My skills are supported by my experience of so many years of work, and by my natural intuition and empathy… my heart. I’ll love to meet you at the Space in South Goa,  close to Agonda and Palolem, and now also in UK  where the energy is light and joyful I invite you to join in Family Constellations and Inner Child workshops: it works! And it is just amazing!

Love and Light

Darshana Elena