Find Your Own Ground Concert

Saturday September 3rd, 2022 @ 6pm – 8pm

Cambridge Road Methodist Church

Corner of School Road/Cambridge Road,
Kings Heath,
Birmingham B13 9UE





THE BRAND NEW ALBUM Live with Lucinda Drayton and Marcus Cliffe

Lockdown and the pandemic brought about immeasurable changes for all of us. Some lost loved ones, some their health. Others watched relationships die while some welcomed new ones much more quickly than they would have.

We collectively struggled with loneliness  isolation , job losses, death, identity crisis and a sudden movement of the very ground beneath our feet.

As a couple and creative partnership Marcus and myself also struggled with many of these issues, but we also re-structured our lives, decided to get married and created a brand new album dealing with the various challenges that came our way.

As a psychotherapist and meditator I quickly realised how important was to create an inner world that was unshakeable. I thought deeply about death, vulnerability, creativity, love and my role as a singer -songwriter. A mentor came into my life and inspired me to start writing again.

I contacted some song- writers I admired and ask them to collaborate. Some said yes.

We met on zoom and co -wrote songs. They took me to different areas and an album emerged. Slowly and carefully.

It is deep and different and I hope it will invite the listener into different thought fields. I don’t have answers to all the questions I ask in the songs but I do know we are powerful beyond measure and with our minds and intentions we can create change for the better. WE can make our inner worlds beautiful peaceful places to be . WE can find our own, inner, safe ground.

Join us at The Tree of Life Sept 3rd for live music sharings and meditations. We can’t wait to be in the same room agin with you all.